Thursday, February 23, 2012

The last couple weeks

Weeks two and three of my student teaching weren't too exciting. I mainly just kept observing and taking over small aspects of the classroom routines building up to my fourth week in which I took over the entire school day. I did however get the opportunity to do some fun dental health activities with the children. The first activity that I had them do was based on flossing. I gathered up some large lego blocks, some yarn and play dough. The children put pieces of play dough between the pegs on the large lego blocks then "flossed" it out with their yarn. They really seemed to enjoy this. On Friday (2/10/12) I had them do an activity based on the importance of brushing their teeth. The night before I soaked hard boiled eggs in a large tub of pop. This made the shells of the eggs stained brown. When I got to school on Friday I informed the students that they would be using tooth brushes and tooth paste to brush off the staining. Thankfully it worked and the eggs went back to having bright white shells! My students were really excited to see the change and it was a neat way to bring the importance of brushing well to their level. During my fourth week (Feb 13-14) I took over the class for the full day on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday and Thursday of last week I had to take over planning all of the instructional station activities along with morning work and homework for the students. This was pretty easy considering my mentor gave me plenty of materials to choose from. Our theme for the week was presidents and Mrs. Finley has a large selection of instructional materials for each and every holiday and theme, but after 30 years of teaching that is expected. On Friday we had a teacher development day at Cane Bay High School here in Summerville. The development day was for the entire Berkeley School District and having at Cane Bay was perfect because the school itself was HUGE! It blew me away  how nice the landscaping around the school was and how utterly large the entire campus was. I have never seen a school as large or well kept as Cane Bay. At the in-service I was able to attend three different classes with my mentor and our classroom assistant. I learned new ways to make history and math fun in the classroom and also how to incorporate music more in the day. I am very thankful that I was able to attend the development day and feel that I left with some valuable knowledge.  I am currently finishing up my fifth week which is also my first full week of teaching all day on my own and it has had its up and downs but is thankfully ending on a high note

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