Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First few days in South Caroline

Well here I am in Summerville, South Carolina and I couldn't be happier! I drove down Friday night with my mom and while it was a long haul we had a great time. She stayed for the weekend and on Saturday we went down to Charleston and looked around the city. We ended up taking a carriage tour which was extremely informative and a neat way to see the different aspects of the city that make it so historic. (I added some photos below of the trip) Afterwards we ate dinner at Fleet's Landing which is over the water and was delicious! It was so great to have dinner outdoors and not be freezing! Sunday evening I took her to the airport and she made her way back to cold dreary Ohio (better her than me!) Adjusting to living with people I have never met before has gone really well and I am feeling more and more at home by the day. I am looking forward to the next 5 and a half weeks and what all they have to offer! I have had a great first two days at WVP and I will be adding more about those later in the week.

Part of Rainbow Row

                                                       WATER!! :)

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